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Samuel King

Samuel King

Samuel King is a young, multifaceted creative from North London who specialises in spoken word and poetry. Known for his engaging stage performance, Samuel is a charismatic Host, who has compèred and performed at a variety of shows and venues across the UK and Europe, including Roundhouse, LoveBox and Edinburgh Fringe.

Having received media attention from the likes of The Guardian, Huffington Post and the Camden New Journal, Samuel is often recognised for his thought provoking, impactful pieces such as ‘Fatherless Britain‘, 'Our Iconic Land' & ‘What I Wasn't Taught In School'. Samuel is also a celebrated TEDx Speaker with his talk "If the Youth Ruled the World" fusing together poetry and public speaking. Accumulating over 2.5 MIllion views across all media platforms, Samuel is truly an captivating speaker.

Samuel brings an original, creative and versatile approach to his work; this approach comes to life in collaborative projects with brands/organisations such as the Royal Opera House, GUAP Magazine and Fuel Mobile.

Motivating, making an impact in the community, sharing his craft with the next generation and expressing his thoughts on social issues are also some of his passions. With a background in youth work/youth engagement, sociology and community development; common themes explored in his work include identity, diversity, inclusion, Black/African history, mental health awareness, personal development and empowerment.

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Spoken word

Spoken word

Being a spoken word artist, Samuel has a way with words and a dynamic stage presence. He aims to challenge the general stigma associated with traditional poetry with his entertaining performance style and educational delivery. He is able to engage a variety of audiences, aiming to take this flourishing form of poetry into unconventional spaces and expand its reach to audiences who do not usually listen to poetry.

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As a host, Samuel is full of energy and has the ability to calm and guide an audience, whilst setting the right tone and level of order that your occasion demands. Whether it is a modest gathering, a conference with over 1000 people, or conducting interviews, Samuel has the energy, personality and charm needed to keep your audience engaged.

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Public speaking

Public speaking

Performing his work on stage for over 10 years, Samuel is an experienced speaker. With a vast catalogue of topics and themes relevant to present day events and society, he loves educating and inspiring every listener with his knowledge and thought provoking perspectives. Samuel can engage an array of audiences, from delivering talks to young people in schools to corporate and business professionals in a range of industries.

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As a spoken word artist, Samuel’s main instrument is his voice. Previously working with companies such as Samsung, FIFA, British Airways and BT Sport; He has the ability to display a range of tones and characters which enable him to communicate any message with the right emotion for adverts and marketing campaigns that you need to promote your brand.

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Samuel has had the opportunity to perform for The Mayor of London’s Mentoring Programme, facilitate poetry/spoken word workshops in schools and a plethora of youth organisations. All of his work is original and boasts a variety of literary styles and devices which can be used as a tool of writing and self-expression.

As well as facilitating, Samuel also designs bespoke writing, spoken word and performance workshops for schools, colleges, universities and prisons to convey specific messages and themes depending on the demographic of participants

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